BUY               108,000
SELL               107,500
SAYRAFA        90,000

Dollar exchange rate in Lebanon today

Dollar exchange rate in Lebanon today

Dollar exchange rate in Lebanon today

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Our role is limited only to transmitting market prices to you from reliable sources, and we have no business in any way determining the dollar exchange rate today in Lebanon, moment by moment in the black market, or participating in speculative activities, buying and selling.

At the beginning of 2020, Lebanon entered a severe economic crisis that led to the collapse of the Lebanese pound against the US dollar
The crisis led to the emergence of several exchange rates, the most powerful of which was the dollar exchange rate on the black market
The Central Bank tried to curb this deterioration and put an end to the traders’ control of the dollar exchange rate today in Lebanon, moment by moment, by setting an exchange rate for money changers, and later what became known as the Central Bank’s exchange platform.
But these policies did not bear fruit because of the conspiracy of the ruling class, banks, and the Central Bank at the expense of the Lebanese people and their livelihood.

usd2lbp dollar exchange rate today in Lebanon

usd2lbp The dollar exchange rate today in Lebanon, moment by moment
The exchange rate of the dollar on the black market is controlled by supply and demand in a small proportion, and political interests and banking speculations in greater proportions.
The Banque du Liban pretended several times to try to control the dollar exchange rate in Beirut, but these attempts were, of course, linked to plans to make profits at the expense of the Lebanese people.
As well as the commercial banks had a very suspicious role and seized depositors’ money and set the withdrawal values ​​in an unjust and provocative manner, which negatively affected the exchange rate of the dollar in Lebanon.
It seems that the rise in the dollar exchange rate today in Lebanon, moment by moment, on the black market will not be hampered by any banking circular, official exchange platform, or any step taken by the country’s major monetary authority, the Central Bank.

Dollar exchange rate in Lebanon today

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The exchange rate of the dollar in Lebanon was on the black market
The dollar exchange rate has recorded a significant decline after the announcement of the formation of the government headed by Najib Mikati,
On that day, the dollar exchange rate in Lebanon reached 15,700 pounds.

However, it returned to a rise, especially after the Banque du Liban announced setting a new exchange rate for withdrawing from dollar deposits in Lebanese pounds at 8000 pounds per dollar.

dollar exchange rate today in Lebanon

Lebanese Families need to provide food, medical care, and education for their children for about a thousand dollars a month,
while the average wage does not exceed 100 dollars.
The financial crisis in Lebanon, described by the World Bank as one of the worst recessions in modern history, worsened.

Because of the political deadlock and disagreement over the investigation into the Beirut port explosion last year, which killed more than 200 people.
The Lebanese pound lost more than 90 percent of its value,
and the crisis pushed three-quarters of the population into poverty or emigration;
Because of the lack of basic commodities such as fuel and medicine, life has turned into a daily struggle.
On the other hand, the Syndicate of Money Changers in Lebanon confirmed,

leb.today usd2lbp

The price of the dollar exchange rate today in Lebanon, moment by moment, against the Lebanese pound
With a moving margin between the price of 3850 pounds for purchase and 3900 pounds, for sale, as a maximum.
while The exchange rate of the dollar in the Central Bank of Lebanon remained at 1510 pounds per dollar,
and it is allocated to some basic commodities only.

The exchange rate of the dollar in Lebanon usd2lbp

Food prices during the two years of the crisis rose by more than 600 percent, according to the United Nations.
As a result of the depletion of the central bank’s dollar reserves,
For months, the authorities have begun to gradually lift subsidies on key commodities
which is Most notably, fuel and medicine, which led to a significant increase in their prices.usd2lbp
se3er sarf el dollar


dollar today in Lebanon, moment by moment
The deterioration of the exchange rate of the Lebanese pound against the dollar
economist and banking expert, Dr. Nassib Ghobril, told the “Point on the Line” program on “Voice of Lebanon” radio station
Capital Control should have been implemented in September because it is necessary to encourage the use of the lira over the dollar, and the parallel market is not subject to either regulation or law.
Circular 161 aimed at curbing the exchange rate of the dollar,
which happened in dollars after the elections as a result of political pressures.
The Banque du Liban did not claim that circular 161 was the solution.
A comprehensive and complete solution begins with political consensus and the implementation of the reform process for the flow of capital into Lebanon. The budget market is not transparent and is not subject to laws.
No party should consider Circular 161 to be the solution.
Rather, it is a temporary measure until a comprehensive and complete solution comes along,
which aims to restore confidence and restore the flow of capital. Injecting liquidity requires serious reforms.


The Lebanese pound began to gradually decline in 2019 against the dollar, coinciding with a severe liquidity crisis
And it became the main concern of the Lebanese people,
and the daily question was “pay the dollar today – give the dollar today.” The exchange rate of the dollar today in Lebanon, moment by moment, on the black market
Banks have stopped providing depositors with their money in dollars,
while the official exchange rate is still fixed at 1,507 pounds.
We note that the dollar exchange rate today in Lebanon, moment by moment, still varies from time to time
And between one exchanger and another, the prices may vary from one city to another.
And the dollar exchange rate is updated in the event of a decrease or increase around the clock.
An exchange platform is a platform belonging to the Central Bank that conducts normal banking business
According to the daily pricing of the US dollar, it is usually close to the black market exchange rate.
Note: We do not sell or buy and we do not determine the daily exchange rate of the dollar,
We only publish it on our website according to what is circulated on websites and local media in Lebanon.

top ten law firms in the world

top ten law firms in the world in terms of annual returns and development in legal services

In light of the transformation and change in the American business community from traditional fields to technical development and the emergence of completely new sectors and fields, law firms,
in turn, began to change and develop to keep pace with these transformations and the ability to work with them, such as the areas of digital currencies, mining, encryption, and cybersecurity.

Therefore, Forbes magazine, in cooperation with the company Statista for market studies,
conducted the first specialized study to monitor the performance of law firms on more than 1.3 million lawyers practicing the profession in more than 40,000 law firms and firms across the United States of America,

and the best law firms that succeeded in specializing and developing their performance study options 243 offices submitted a survey,
answered by 2500 lawyers, and the results did not include only the names of famous law firms such as white-shoe law firms in London, but also offices that focused on specialization in one field.

top ten law firms in the world

1. Kirkland & Ellis LLP

The company focuses its field of business in the corporate sector with regard to matters related to taxes, criminal cases related to companies, and intellectual property employs nearly 2,000 lawyers and has a distinguished client list such as Boeing, Delta Air, and Nike. 
The company is headquartered in the United States, and it is worth noting that the company was founded in 1909 in the state of Chicago 

2. Latham & Watkins LLP – top ten law firms in the world

The firm has headquarters in more than 14 countries around the world and employs approximately 2,400 lawyers. The firm’s businesses focus on real estate,
entertainment, television broadcasting, and white-collar advocacy (nonviolent financial crimes committed by powerful influencers).

3. DLA Piper

One of the largest law firms in the world and is present in 40 countries around the world. The firm was established after the merger of a number of well-known firms in the United States in 2005.
It is headquartered in London and employs nearly 4,000 lawyers and focuses its business on the education sector, insurance issues, and technology.
It is worth mentioning that he was responsible for Representing a person in a case against Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook in 2021

4. Baker McKenzie

One of the offices that have a good reputation around the world and the office was established in 1949 in Chicago and employ more than 13,000 lawyers in 47 countries

5. Dentons

It is one of the entities that resulted from the wave of mergers and acquisitions in 2020 and came as a result of the merger of Cohen’s companies with Grigsby and Bingham Greenebaum Doll. 
The office has a human capacity of 10,000 lawyers in more than 70 countries around the world 

6. Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom LLP

The office is known as Skadden and was established in 1948 in New York
the number of lawyers reaches 1,700 in more than 50 branches of law in 22 countries
and specializes in providing financial and commercial advice to private institutions and government agencies

7. Sidley Austin

One of the most prestigious offices around the world and dates back to 1866
and is known as Sidely and is headquartered in Chicago with a workforce of 1,900 lawyers in 20 branches around the world and focuses its work on the corporate sector,
finance, business, government affairs, and tax 

8. Clifford Chance LLP from the top ten law firms in the world

It was founded in 1987 and is considered one of the relatively modern law firms in London. It owns 29 branches and lawyers numbering 2,400 and specializes in working in the field of banking, transport, and stocks.

9. Morgan Lewis

The office was established in 1873 and the number of lawyers has 2,200 in more than 30 branches around the world 

10. Hogan Lovells – top ten law firms in the world

The office emerged as a result of the merger process between Lovells LLP and Hogan & Hartson in 2010 and currently owns two main headquarters in London and Washington, with a number of lawyers up to 2,600 in more than 49 branches around the world

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